Cuts can heal

But bullying always leaves a mark.

Cruel words can hurt permanently.

We are with you #ONTHESAMESIDE

Organised by the cities of Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen and Helsinki, the police and the Ministry of the Interior, the On the Same Side campaign aims to tell about the measures we take to prevent and intervene in bullying at school and in leisure time.
Not a single case should be left hidden; each and every one must be properly addressed. Adults also need to have time to encounter young people in their everyday lives, to genuinely care and to ask them how they are doing. It is important that young people know the ground rules and who to turn to in case of bullying. We encourage young people to turn to a safe adult when they have concerns.


We want to encourage young people to act fairly: to tell someone if they or someone else is being bullied and to help prevent bullying through their own behaviour.

We encourage adults to intervene in bullying. It is our responsibility to help children and young people. We adults are all on the same side – against bullying.

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Phones can be fixed.

But bullying always leaves a mark.

It's hard to fix the bad feelings caused by bullying.

If you experience or run into bullying at your school or in your hobby, talk to your closest grownup. The grownup's job is to listen and help.

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